Diversity Training Initiatives

Insight to Achieve Lasting Change

If your company only relies on one viewpoint or strategy, there is a good chance it will not succeed for long. Solving problems as a team means including individuals with a wide range of experiences and cultural backgrounds. Unfortunately, many organizations still struggle to build environments in which inclusion and diversity are elements of the culture.

Diverse organizations are crucial for today’s global marketplace, but they do not become that way automatically. Diversity requires awareness and proactive decision-making at every level. That is why initiatives to improve cultural sensitivity in business from CoachDiversity Institute have made such an impact in numerous workplaces. Our successful diversity initiatives implement and maintain meaningful change.

Our Approach

As the only group of its kind to be accredited by the International Coach Federation, CoachDiversity Institute has a wealth of expertise and experience on managing cultural diversity in the workplace. We focus on training the leaders within organizations to become certified diversity coaches. Compared to other, less-intensive programs, this is a more effective diversity training approach.

Rather than simply exposing employees to classroom-based lessons on inclusion, we provide real-world, one-on-one coaching that enables individuals to acknowledge and confront their prejudices and biases. This technique creates a lasting impression, illuminating the concepts in an immediate way instead of discussing them in the abstract.

With this type of instruction, your company will have a pathway toward accomplishing its inclusion goals. We provide the tools to transform internal culture in a positive and meaningful way.

Strategies That Work

Our accreditation speaks to the wealth of knowledge we leverage when managing diversity in organizations. With our skills and strategies, CoachDiversity Institute has helped numerous teams of virtually every size and shape become more diverse and inclusive. Our capabilities create cultures in which voices of all kinds are valued and contribute to the overall success of their employers.

If you are prepared to see your organization change for the better, contact us today. Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions and explain what we can do.