Diversity Coaching Certification Programs
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Helping Visionary Leaders Build an Inclusive Culture

Coach Training Programs

Prepare for a meaningful and successful career in diversity and inclusion coaching. All programs are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Foundational Coach

This solid groundwork of core inclusion coaching competencies emphasizes issues of diversity, equity, power and privilege. Learn the foundational skills you need to begin coaching right away — in our transformational three-day program.

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Diversity Coach

Train to become an Associate Diversity Coach (ADC) or a Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC). Learn advanced skills, including how to leverage diversity and inclusion as a mechanism to support true organizational change.

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Advance your coaching skills to coach across diverse lines. Learn the coach-approach to developing cultural awareness using CoachDiversity’s model for diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, and leadership.

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Consulting Services for Organizations

We do not just lecture. We take a pragmatic, hands-on, experiential approach that leverages the power and expertise that already exist in your organization to address conscious and unconscious biases.

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Workplace diversity correlates with higher profitability and value creation.* Let us teach you the skills you need to create a culture of inclusion that can improve success.


We work with forward-thinking nonprofit and community leaders who are ready to become more resilient, creative and resourceful while meeting the needs of the communities they serve.


We empower government leaders who want to change the world and shake up their organizations to solve complex problems while tackling issues related to global diversity.

1:1 Executive Coaching

Our certified coaches are ready to support your global workforce by cultivating employee engagement, innovation and adaptivity in the workplace.

Our Clientele is Diverse

We provide diversity management coaching and consulting services to many clients including:

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Empowering Diverse Communities Through Coaching

CoachDiversity prepares leaders and workforces to step up to meet the challenges and problems that arise from implicit bias and other complex employee and organizational issues. In addition to a variety of coach training programs, we offer customized, in-house diversity and inclusion coaching to meet the unique needs of organizations like yours. Whether you work with our Certified Professional Diversity Coaches or become certified as a coach yourself through our training programs, you can be at the center of real change in your organization or community.

Helping Leaders to Think Differently About Differences

CoachDiversity is the only coach training program in the world whose mission it is to empower diverse communities through coaching. As the world’s first diversity institute for coaching serving diverse communities, our goal is to prepare individuals, communities and institutions for rapid demographic change and culturally sound communication.

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The Business Case For Diversity Is Now Overwhelming. Here’s Why
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