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Through CoachDiversity’s training and certification programs, you’ll gain the confidence to empower diverse individuals, communities, and organizations to reach their full potential.

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Improving DEI initiatives for top companies

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Our world needs agile leaders more than ever

As demographics change rapidly, workplaces are facing more complexity related to identity, race, class, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and ability. To navigate these challenges, we need leaders who can think differently about differences — and prepare organizations to thrive.

Improve employee engagement and performance

When employees feel valued and included, they’re more likely to be committed, motivated, and loyal to the organization. That leads to higher job satisfaction and engagement — which ultimately leads to better performance, increased profits, and revenue growth.

Unlock creative power and innovation

Inclusive workplaces tend to be more innovative and creative, as they bring together different perspectives and ideas. That means better problem-solving and decision-making, which can help your organization stay competitive in the market.

Retain your top talent

With high demand for skilled workers and low unemployment rates, finding and hiring new talent is more challenging than ever. By retaining current employees, you can save significant costs when it comes to recruitment, onboarding, and training.

Choose your training path

Whether you’re looking to learn the basics, achieve certification, or shift your organization’s culture, CoachDiversity has a solution for you.

On-Demand Courses

Get instant access to some of our most popular diversity coaching topics.


Coach Training

Become a certified diversity coach and learn tools that will make you a more powerful leader.


Organization Training

Create a culture of inclusion and creativity where diverse employees can do their best work.


Lasting change starts with the coach approach

CoachDiversity is the only institution that combines the transformational power of coaching with diversity and leadership training.

Traditional Coach Training

  • Centers on coaching skills only
  • Doesn’t address issues of diversity
  • Can leave participants feeling unprepared

Organization Training

  • Centers on raising awareness around power and privilege only
  • Checks boxes but doesn’t change behavior
  • Can leave participants feeling uneasy, resentful, and defensive

CoachDiversity Training

  • Centers on tools that help leaders think differently about difference
  • Translates skills into everyday practice
  • Promotes feelings of engagement and belonging
Traditional Coach Training
Organization Training
CoachDiversity Training
About us

Shaping the future of diversity training

  • Coach Diversity Institute is a premiere training program. Due to the social climate in the U.S. the curriculum is cutting edge and relevant for all Diversity & Inclusion Professionals. Anyone who does work in the Diversity & Inclusion Space will increase their awareness, acumen and presence by participating in the Coach Diversity Institute Certification Program. There is no other training like it.

    Tony Farmer

  • I salute the entire organization of the Coach Diversity Institute. The training was tailored so that it felt like it was tailored for the participant and not from a textbook. More importantly because of the nature of the program our emotional needs, fears and uncertainties became part of the training and this enhanced our growth to become better transformational coaches. I firmly now believe that an old dog can be trained. Thank you for the opportunity to grow.

    Major Clark, III

  • Attending the Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching through CoachDiversity Institute and Howard University School of Business was a rewarding experience. The coaches, facilitators and staff are outstanding, knowledgeable and will ensure you "get your groceries!" It was a pleasure and honor to participate.

    Kimberly LeRoy-Washington

  • I absolutely loved the ECDC training experience The trainers, the cohort, the content, the sharing of stories, the passion, the authenticity present in the virtual learning session was an opportunity to recieve an extrodinary gift of support!!!

    Dr. Marla E. Williams-Powell

  • My week spent training and receiving knowledge steeped in Diversity and Inclusion and the impact of coaching others in every level of the system was beyond anything I could have hoped for in a coaching training program. I was able to put what I learned into practice immediately and it has transformed my coaching presence and strengthened my coaching skills. I walked away from my week in the Howard University/CoachDiversity Institute Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching with everything I expected and so much more!

    Candace Cabbil

  • The training was very practical. I learned skills and approaches that I could deploy immediately and did. I rate the training very high in both content and instruction. The trainers were also very inspiring and empowering. Moreover, I learned equally as much from my cohorts. I have three graduate degrees and have participated in numerous executive education programs. This is one of the best!

    Edward Greene

  • Compared to other high caliber coaching certification programs that are available, CDI offers an exceptional, transformative coaching training experience grounded in DEIB. I will be a better coach, leader, colleague and community member as a result of this incredible learning opportunity.

    Rachel Kay

  • Relevant, timely, immediately applicable and inspiring. This program truly delivered. The content is sticky and I am already applying my learnings. I cannot say enough about CDI President Towanna Burrous, who is a rock star! Thank you, CDI and Howard University.

    Kristi Plain

  • This was a life-changing experience. I met wonderful people, learned amazing new skills and was challenged daily. I highly recommend this training.

    Amy Palder

  • CoachDiversity program aligns with my belief that individual change is the only way to create organizational and systemic change. CoachDiversity, gives you the tools and practice to become your personal change agent, resulting in being an effective coach to others and contributing to a better world for all people.

    Ashnie Butler

  • I have been a Senior Leader in the military for over 2 decades and I found that Coach Diversity helped me remove misconceptions about what Coaching is and what it is not. The concepts and inclusion of ensuring the understanding that the Coach and Client may come from different backgrounds and the importance of understanding that makes for a powerful and transformational coach. Thank you CDI.

    Gloria Weatherspoon

  • CDI offers a training experience which is unique in its expertise! If desired to add such an experience to one’s already established niche or to create a new endeavor entirely, this is an ideal path!

    Lesleigh Tolin

  • CDI elevated my coaching skills and expertise by using real-life practicums. After completing the Level 1 training, I am more equipped to navigate cross-cultural topics and discussions during my coaching sessions. Additionally, I am more confident in immediately applying the skills learned to bring more value to my organization and clients. I highly recommend CDI's certification programs to expand and upskill your personal and professional development.

    Brandi Munoz

  • This is one of the few spaces I cherish because I was welcomed, supported to be authentic, and intellectually challenged. I found the content relevant and thought provoking. This has made an indelible mark on my career trajectory.

    Charissa Owens

  • I’m deeply grateful for my CDI experience and the opportunity to be part of an amazing community of coaches. The coaching I received during my training helped me to define my north star during a time of transition. I’m committed to continuing to learn and grow as a coach so that I have even more understanding, insight, and enthusiasm to offer my clients as they orient around their own inspiring north stars.

    Miwa Kamras

    Executive Coach and Consultant

  • My original focus for enrolling into CoachDiversity Institute was all about becoming a coach, however, I quickly realized that coaching skills would impact my entire life. I have seen coaching transform my personal and professional life! For three years I had contemplated becoming a coach, and I’m so excited that I made that choice to start this journey. Something shifted while going through the process and learning so much more about coaching. It quickly became apparent that coaching is the secret sauce!

    Patrease Douglas

  • My CoachDiversity Institute experience helped me to see inside the core of my soul, release the chains of self–doubt, and transform to place of understanding the authenticity that abounds within me. I hope to use this transformative power to help African-American women. As an African American mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt who has dealt with and now witnesses the challenges of social inequality, racism, and discrimination that women of color face on a day to day basis, the need for self-care and self–love is so necessary.

    Dennise Jackson

  • I consistently have returned to education and personal development as a proven strategy to contribute to my community and to my self-fulfillment. Most recently, this has led me to become a certified coach through CoachDiversity Institute. CDI's coaching model honors the fact that community-driven stories hold power — to reveal hidden truths, activate public discourse, and create positive social change. Through their coach certification program, I have learned to craft a personal vision through a storytelling practice, which has been instrumental in my self-discovery as a coach.

    Karina Jiménez Lewis

  • What I liked most about the training were the incredible people, the challenging nature of the content, and the practical tools and manual to guide us. I loved what I've experienced thus far and am floored by the hearts and calibre of the people involved.

    Molly Biehl

    Founder, A Triumphant Me

  • CoachDiversity is the antithesis of corporate trainings - it is vibrant, honest, transformational, fun, and worth it. This training placed a mirror before me to shed light on disempowering beliefs and then used those same beliefs to uplift and build me up higher than where I was before. That left a lasting, deep impact on me and how I will coach my friends, family, and clients moving forward.

    Lauren Chambers

    Impact Consultant

  • The CoachDiversity Institute training I participated in was one of the most affirming, joyful and deepening professional experiences I’ve had in a long while. The “special sauce” was our cohort, which includes our amazing coaches, all of whom established a space of trust and open sharing. It was a space where we could openly question, explore deeper parts of ourselves, laugh, cry and be vulnerable.

    Helen Kim Ho

    Civil Rights Attorney

  • This program pivoted my clarity and talents in a transformational direction I woudn't have ever actualized on my own. I'm now aligning my gifts and talents with my purpose to empower marginalized populations in dynamic and meaningful ways.

    Melissa Scheid Frantz

  • CDI has engineered a model of interpersonal communication that builds courage and confidence to step into the arena of any difficult conversation with grace and skill. The 3-day training was structured in a way that participants shared their personal experiences with racism, oppression and other challenges rooted in power differences. The incremental approach to skill building provided real-time opportunities to practice the coaching skills and sequences taught. The community created in the training was a bonus, and offered just the right mix of support and challenge to grow my skills and perspective so that I may become a better agent of change in my efforts to empower others.

    Dr. Yvonne Unrau

  • The content of this program is exceptional. As someone who has a practice of mindfulness and a deep passion for social change, the Coach Diversity cirriculum is the perfect melding of both. Coming out of even the Be the Change foundational program, I feel very capable to begin practicing coaching others to make their own transformation that can enable social justice over time. Even beyond the content, the experience of being part of a multicultural and multiracial group of people who are all trying to achieve the same goals was simply amazing. I would recommend Coach Diversity Institute for anyone who wishes to broaden their thinking and enhance their coaching effectiveness across differences - regardless of your experience.

    Krista Kondravy

  • Insightful and Informational! Great experience and well worth the value it will provide your organization.


  • The Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching program was by far one of the best professional development experiences I’ve had in my 20+ year career as a learning and organizational development leader. The program design enabled us to learn from a tremendous faculty of experts who are true scholar-practitioners skilled in creating a dynamic learning experience that attends to what are often difficult topics to unpack and work through using the CoachDiversity approach. I feel privileged to be part of this network of coaches and am already applying what I learned.

    Melissa Álvarez Mangual

  • The Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching was transformational in how I approach my work in equity, diversity and inclusion. The training truly pulled out the innate wisdom that I already possessed and empowered me to be powerful. The significant focus on staying razor-focused and coaching one individual at a time to effect systemic change was at the forefront of each day of training, a constant reminder of sustainability of the work we do.

    May yer Thao

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