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CoachDiversity is the only institution that combines the transformational power of coaching with diversity and leadership training.

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Most diversity training falls short when it comes to creating change

While raising awareness around power and privilege is an important aspect of diversity, it’s not enough to change attitudes and behavior — and can even leave participants feeling uneasy, resentful, and defensive. These negative emotions can be counterproductive and create further division, rather than building empathy and understanding.

Lasting change happens just one person at a time

When individuals are able to identify and address their personal biases, they can develop new habits and patterns. They undergo a personal transformation that leaves them better equipped to lead, coach, and collaborate. This creates a ripple effect that leads to lasting systemic and organizational change.


We help individuals transform through empowerment coaching

Transactional coaching focuses only on performance. At CoachDiversity Institute, we dive deeper using our unique POWERS™ framework. Through empowerment coaching, we help individuals connect with their power, clarify their purpose and vision, and execute on their vision.

It’s not about unlearning. It’s about upskilling.

We want you to bring all your knowledge, all your thought leadership, and all your experiences to the classroom. You’re simply adding more valuable tools — like how to increase curiosity, performance, and engagement — to your tool kit.

Shaping the future of diversity training

  • I absolutely loved the ECDC training experience The trainers, the cohort, the content, the sharing of stories, the passion, the authenticity present in the virtual learning session was an opportunity to recieve an extrodinary gift of support!!!

    Dr. Marla E. Williams-Powell

  • Relevant, timely, immediately applicable and inspiring. This program truly delivered. The content is sticky and I am already applying my learnings. I cannot say enough about CDI President Towanna Burrous, who is a rock star! Thank you, CDI and Howard University.

    Kristi Plain

  • CDI offers a training experience which is unique in its expertise! If desired to add such an experience to one’s already established niche or to create a new endeavor entirely, this is an ideal path!

    Lesleigh Tolin

  • My original focus for enrolling into CoachDiversity Institute was all about becoming a coach, however, I quickly realized that coaching skills would impact my entire life. I have seen coaching transform my personal and professional life! For three years I had contemplated becoming a coach, and I’m so excited that I made that choice to start this journey. Something shifted while going through the process and learning so much more about coaching. It quickly became apparent that coaching is the secret sauce!

    Patrease Douglas

  • CoachDiversity is the antithesis of corporate trainings - it is vibrant, honest, transformational, fun, and worth it. This training placed a mirror before me to shed light on disempowering beliefs and then used those same beliefs to uplift and build me up higher than where I was before. That left a lasting, deep impact on me and how I will coach my friends, family, and clients moving forward.

    Lauren Chambers

    Impact Consultant

  • CDI has engineered a model of interpersonal communication that builds courage and confidence to step into the arena of any difficult conversation with grace and skill. The 3-day training was structured in a way that participants shared their personal experiences with racism, oppression and other challenges rooted in power differences. The incremental approach to skill building provided real-time opportunities to practice the coaching skills and sequences taught. The community created in the training was a bonus, and offered just the right mix of support and challenge to grow my skills and perspective so that I may become a better agent of change in my efforts to empower others.

    Dr. Yvonne Unrau

  • The Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching was transformational in how I approach my work in equity, diversity and inclusion. The training truly pulled out the innate wisdom that I already possessed and empowered me to be powerful. The significant focus on staying razor-focused and coaching one individual at a time to effect systemic change was at the forefront of each day of training, a constant reminder of sustainability of the work we do.

    May yer Thao

Meet the CoachDiversity team

Our team of experienced coaches and trainers comes from diverse backgrounds and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Towanna Burrous
Sara Guerreiro
Sr. Instructor
Joanne Blackerby
Sr. Instructor
Dr. Tamika Hood
Dr. Joanna L. Jenkins
Program Manager
LaToia Burkley
Program Coordinator
Jenesis Harper
Program Coordinator
Shanta Tate
Program Coordinator
Dania Rivas
Mentor Coach
Sophia Toh
Mentor Coach
Sonia Stines Dernoncourt
Mentor Coach
Sabrina Hardy
Mentor Coach

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