1:1 Executive Coaching

Coaching for Executives, Leaders and Organizations

What Is 1:1 Executive Coaching?

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. CoachDiversity Institute offers customized coaching for corporate leaders, managers and senior executives. Participants work one on one with a professional coach who helps them accomplish their professional career goals in addition to their organizational goals. Executive coaches help their clients focus on relevant areas, clarify their goals, and take the action steps necessary to achieve their desired objectives.

Executive coaches understand how to get people to examine their inner lives, gain self-awareness and unlock their potential, so they can achieve personal and professional goals and objectives, including those related to workplace diversity. Individuals and their custom-selected, certified coach work as a team to help the executive increase self-awareness, expand their comfort zone, enhance performance, and further develop leadership skills.   

Individual coaching involves:

  • Identifying goals and observable outcomes as a result of coaching
  • A confidential and client-centered relationship
  • Following a client-driven agenda for each session
  • Accountability support from the coach
  • Supporting the reflection, meaning-making and growth of the client
  • Tracking and monitoring behavior change and results over time

1:1 coaching typically occurs during 45-minute sessions scheduled over a period of three to six months. Communication is virtual via phone or video formats.

Benefits of 1:1 Executive Coaching

Those who choose to undergo one-on-one coaching can use their newfound skills and talents to further their career, team or entire organization. This type of coaching:

  • Fast-tracks leadership development
  • Improves decision-making skills
  • Prepares one for difficult interactions
  • Helps the participant lead change
  • Facilitates the achievement of goals
  • Helps in coaching and developing others
  • Improves organization-wide performance

What Makes CoachDiversity Unique?

Diversity coaching is not intended to change what one believes, but to ensure that leaders understand the need for a work environment that is free of bias, and are able to create and manage such an environment. CoachDiversity Institute places great value on learning new tools that help leaders think differently about difference, translate those skills into everyday practice, and promote engagement and belonging. We are the only institution that combines the transformational power of coaching with diversity and leadership training.

CoachDiversity Institute is uniquely positioned to help leaders meet personal and professional goals. Because our coaches are specifically trained to listen and manage the topics of race, equity, power, inclusion and belonging, leaders emerge from 1:1 coaching with the ability to uncover hidden biases in the workplace and break free of them.

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