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Diversity Coaching and Inclusive Work Cultures

7 Beneficial Questions for Your DEI Discussion Panel

What are diversity and inclusion questions? Despite appearing simple on the surface, the concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion is a complex process that prompts questions for many. Decision-makers and executive...
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7 Impactful Diversity Training Exercises for the Workplace

What are diversity, equity, and inclusion activities? It’s a fact! The best way for individuals to learn new material is by practicing them through activities. That means hands-on activities are the...
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5 Examples of Allyship as a Diversity and Inclusion Tool in the Workplace

What does it mean to be an ally in the workplace? The success of any group depends on the allies that pledge their undying support. These allies use their resources to...
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7 Key Benefits of Diversity Training in the Workplace

What is diversity training in the workplace? Diversity means recognizing individuals based on characteristics like sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural background, or gender identity. And now more than ever, workers are being...
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6 Types of Diversity Training in the Workplace to Explore

What is a diversity training program? Diverse workplaces bring several benefits that non-diverse workplaces could only dream of. In fact, more than 76% of younger workers say that having a diverse...
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How to Lessen Microaggressions in Virtual Diversity & Inclusion Activities for Remote Teams

Why Diversity and Inclusion Activities are Important for Remote Teams Remote teams give businesses an advantage not present before. It’s a way to tap into talent pools swimming with qualified candidates...
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Primary vs. Secondary Dimensions of Diversity

What are the dimensions of diversity? Diversity means celebrating what makes each individual extraordinary. It’s the deep factors that contribute to who we are as people, our place in the world,...
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Coaching: An Overlooked Leadership Skill

5 Innovative Ways to Celebrate Diversity Month in the Workplace

What is diversity month? Diversity rarely gets the type of recognition it deserves, and many businesses pass off DEI initiatives as something barely worthy of some printer ink or an occasional...
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7 Strategies for Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

Why Embracing Diversity in the Workplace is Critical Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) allows organizations to celebrate new ideas, different cultures, and background experiences. But many organizations still struggle embracing diversity...
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What is Deep-Level Diversity? Definition and Examples

What is deep-level diversity? Diversity is a blanket term applied to the personality traits and social identities of subgroups in the overall population. Often, people associate the term with cultural diversity...
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What is Surface-Level Diversity? Challenges and How to Avoid It

What is surface-level diversity? Diversity is a term tossed around to cover a broad range of characteristics, behaviors, and mannerisms. And what many people understand as diversity is actually only the...
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7 Ways to Improve Nonprofit Board Diversity

Why a Diverse Board of Directors is Important Your nonprofit organization provides valuable services and materials to people in need, those in search of equity, and marginalized communities. At the heart...
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