Dr. Brandi R. Muñoz

Dr. Brandi R. Muñoz, SPHR, ADC, CMCS

“Helping people develop and grow in their careers is a rewarding line of work. Seeing the results of my coaching and hearing success stories keeps me motivated to tackle the next challenge.”

Brandi R. Muñoz, EdD, is a Senior Human Resources Professional and Career Coach with over 15 years of talent development and human resources experience as a strategic business partner and consultant for global organizations. Her expertise is diverse and deep in organizational development, corporate HR management, facilitation, training, leadership development, mentoring, coaching, dispute resolution, management consulting, and culture transformations. In a leadership capacity, Dr. Muñoz served as the Diversity Officer for the Education, Research, and Training section of the Association for Conflict Resolution and was a former National Resume Writers’ Association board member. 

Dr. Muñoz specializes in empowerment coaching for diverse professionals, especially women and professionals of color. She also focuses on organizational change management and leadership development for professionals at all career levels. Additionally, Dr. Muñoz possesses certifications in Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments, Thomas-Killman Conflict Styles (TKI), Skill Scope, and Keys from the Center for Creative Leadership and leverages various strengths-based assessments to support her clients’ personal growth and development.

Dr. Muñoz has also earned a doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Abilene Christian University, a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution at Southern Methodist University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology at the University of Texas at Arlington.