Byron Green

Dr. Byron Green (he/ him/his), is a successful coach, business owner, consultant, and public speaker. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctorate of Education from North Carolina State University. His educational and research background centers in the intersection of Adult Education and D.E.I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). He is also a proud graduate of Coach Diversity Institute, with over 200 hours of coach-specific training.
His experience as a Non-Profit Sr. DEI professional,  corporate trainer, and peer-reviewed researcher led him to become an advocate for equity in all spaces, partnership, and collaboration. Dr. Green believes in taking action, and building on one’s strengths and experiences to create a life and work that is Inclusive, flexible, energizing, and financially rewarding.
Building on his experiences and worldwide contacts, Dr. Green created a successful consultancy that focuses on building assessments and bringing the coach approach to  Educational Roadmaps that center Equity and Inclusion.  Here he incorporated his background in nutrition science, group coaching,  skills in assessment, adult learning, organizational change strategies, and the art of collaborating with various expert partners to help clients achieve success.
With his intersectional approach to equity work and empathic strategies his coaching clients have realized gains in all areas of their personal and business worlds including diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, communication skills, and self-development.