Erika Powell

Dr. Erika Powell lives by this quote that guides her approach:

“Come, come, come, move out into this world nourish your lives with a spirituality that allows us to respect each other’s birth.” -Sonia Sanchez

Dr. Erika Powell has 18+ years of experience building safe work environments for clients. Creating spaces where clients can navigate strong emotions, articulate interpersonal disconnects, and move through conflict from a place of vulnerability and authenticity, while also taking creative risks. Fostering transformation in the workplace and creating cultures where employees thrive is at the heart of Dr. Powell’s work.

Dr. Powell has had the privilege of working with clients in a variety of sectors, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Creative/Media/Entertainment, Engineering, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Health Care both domestically and abroad. She also serves as a lecturer at Sonoma State University’s MBA program, regularly teaching classes on leadership and innovation and also employee engagement & motivation.  

As a coach, she helps clients experience meaningful change and connection by guiding them through the art and science of self-awareness, communication, collaboration, and leading across differences. She’s on a mission to improve how we experience ourselves, our colleagues, and our organizations at work. Her clients consistently count on her to help them break down the barriers that keep them siloed, disconnected, confused, divided, holding back, and stuck in old paradigms or patterns. They appreciate her warm spirit, clarity, sense of humor, and creativity.  

Recognizing that these unprecedented times require creative, unconventional, and unique solutions, Dr. Powell’s coaching style makes it easy and fun to look within, and find common ground. She also addresses the beliefs and behaviors that stand in the way of unity, innovation, and fulfillment at the personal and professional levels.  With her, clients experience the alignment and cohesion needed to navigate differences in expectations, values, opinions, and viewpoints so that they can generate positive outcomes for themselves, their families, their teams, and/or for their organization.