Hushmath Alam

Hushmath (Hush-muh-th) Alam is a certified executive coach and facilitator who helps people thrive at work. Over the past 15 years, she’s led teams of 5-20 people, working in high stress environments in a Fortune 500 company and multiple agencies. Through these experiences across learning and development, human centered design, and advertising, she has honed her skills in coaching, facilitation, and creating safe spaces for people of all backgrounds. Hushmath is a Certified Professional Diversity Coach from CoachDiversity Institute, the world’s first coach training institute that focuses on serving diverse communities. 

She helps her clients show up as visionary and transformational leaders without sacrificing their wellbeing. Hushmath’s coaching approach revolves around three key pillars: wellness, behavior change, and high performance–and is designed to get results fast, so clients can maximize their impact. Although she coaches leaders across various sectors and industries, Hushmath is particularly passionate about supporting women of color and catering to their unique needs and challenges. 

In addition to 1:1 coaching, she runs workshops on topics like productivity, wellbeing, managing stress and uncertainty, high performance, creativity, and inclusive leadership. Her workshops are insightful, actionable, and designed to create lasting shifts that help people show up and consistently perform at their best. Hushmath has been a keynote speaker for organizations such as Capital One, U.S. Department for Veterans Affairs, BlackComputeHER, Design for DC, and mastermind groups for entrepreneurs. 

Energized by meaningful conversations, Hushmath loves any opportunity where she can help someone get unstuck and envision new possibilities for themselves. Outside of work, you can find her: 

  • Exploring: Taking walks in nature, trying a new café in town, or snapping pictures during her travels. 
  • Learning something new: Listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or taking classes that help her continuously sharpen her skills. 
  • Being creative: Creating calligraphy art pieces and cooking (including artfully plating her food).