Dr. Joanna Jenkins

Dr. Joanna L. Jenkins is a dynamic and multifaceted creative, scholar-practitioner, educator, and coach with a diverse range of expertise. A rich background in strategy, she has guided corporate leaders, early and pivoting professionals, educators and creatives through career and leadership navigation, transitions and creative projects. Joanna’s comprehensive coaching encompasses nuances associated with change and utilizes her creative background to integrate design thinking methodologies, empathy, confidence and cultural competencies. She brings a unique blend of empathy, optimism, and practical wisdom, creating a space for individuals to navigate their aspirations, explore crisis, interrogate opportunity and transform challenges to achieve personal growth.

Situated at the intersection of creativity, industry, and education, Joanna is committed to driving insights and creating environments where culturally and ethically competent individuals can thrive in both education and careers. Her experience spans K-12, collegiate, graduate, professional, executive studies, and corporate learning and development. As an educator, she specializes in universal learning design, culturally centered pedagogy, digital/media/racial literacies, critical analysis, equity strategies, research and assessment.

Dr. Jenkins is a staunch advocate for the leadership and inclusion of historically excluded populations in education and underrepresented professions, particularly within STEAM, media, technology, the Advertising Related Industry (ARI), and strategic communication. Throughout her career, she has excelled in various roles such as Consultant, Associate Dean, Academic Program Coordinator, Professor, Creative Director, Designer, and Strategist. Joanna has demonstrated a proven track record in market behaviors, audience engagement, program development, curricula design, training, research, planning, inclusion, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).