Joanne Blackerby

Jo Blackerby is an ICF certified professional coach at the PCC level who helps her clients maximize their creativity, capability and  competence. Jo works with a variety of professionals seeking clarity in defining personal goals and exploring strategies to achieve them. Jo coaches alongside her clients to navigate the chaos of life with wisdom revealed through commitment to  personal core values. One step at a time with each step informing the next, she works believes in integrative coaching to identify challenges and limiting beliefs.
A highly experienced and certified Health and Wellness Coach, Jo’s clients align body, mind and spirit for commitment and success. She coaches paradigm shifts, behavior change, conflict management and crucial conversations with attention to developing emotional intelligence and self efficacy. 
A writer and an avid reader, she loves any physical exercise challenge and tennis. Most of all she loves island beaches, sun and sea.

“All I can say is I am lucky to work with her. It’s amazing how all areas of life, stress, relationships, health and fitness intersect – you don’t realize how each part of your life affects the other parts until you take the time to step back, and take a look at what’s going on with you as a whole person. I really enjoyed the time we worked together. I know I can reach out if I need to. Jo just get’s people and she get’s life.” – Justin B