Julie East

Julie East is an experienced human resources professional and executive coach. Driven by helping leaders attain their greatest potential, she takes pride in providing intentional coaching and guidance to her executive team and developing the members of her HR team. As Vice President of Talent, Org Effectiveness, and HR for Baltimore-based Atlas Restaurant Group, her goals include helping her company to flourish in the areas of culture and employee engagement. 

Julie is a Certified Professional Diversity Coach from CoachDiversity Institute in Washington D.C. and also holds her Associate Certified Coach credential from The International Coaching Federation. In addition to her primary job functions, Julie’s passion is helping leaders adopt a strategic mindset. She offers a limited number of coaching engagements each year to leaders and executives in both for-profit and non-profit worlds who seek coaching. 

During her career, Julie has held roles in both Fortune 500 companies including Gap Inc. and Amazon, and family-owned businesses such as Klein’s Shoprite of Maryland and Atlas. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Oklahoma State University. She is also a graduate of the University of California’s Instructional Design program, and she has attained a graduate-level certification in Change Management from Johns Hopkins University. Julie is a board member of Baltimore non-profit Paul’s Place and volunteers with SHRM National as a collaborator on SHRM-CP certification exams.

“As my executive coach, Julie helped me to set goals and to develop clear responsibilities and metrics in managing my team and relationships. She inspired me to embrace my capable leadership, pushing me to bold new heights. She is an amazing coach, and I am so grateful for her work.”

-From Aisha Burgess, MPA

“I worked with Julie both as an executive and career coach. With her help, I honed key management skills and created a clear vision for the next steps in my career. She combines encouragement and personal support with valuable strategies and resources. I recommend her to any executive looking for a management or career change coach.”

-From Wendy Phipps