Major L. Clark, III

With over two decades of experience as an Executive Coach and Adjunct Professor, Major L. Clark, III brings a unique blend of academic expertise and real-world insights to empower business leaders and aspiring professionals. As an Associate Coach with credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and certifications from the Coach Diversity Institute, He has guided executives, graduate students, and new entrants into the workforce towards achieving their full potential. His coaching journey spans two decades, including seven years as an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Environment Program and leadership roles such as Director of the Urban Studies Program at Morgan State University.

Major’s educational background includes a Juris Doctor from the University of Iowa, complemented by a Master of Science in Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Currently serving as an Adjunct Professor in Management and Finance at the University of Maryland Global Campus, he imparts knowledge in Organizational Theory and Behavior, nurturing future leaders in the field.

Throughout his career, Major held pivotal roles in both government and private sectors, contributing significantly to organizational growth and development. Notably, as Deputy Chief Counsel at the Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). He managed a team of 52 attorneys, spearheaded congressional testimonies, and played a key role in international cyber security initiatives. Prior to this, Major’s tenure as Executive Vice President at The Maxima Corporation involved overseeing multimillion-dollar federal contracts and leading diverse teams across various departments, including Human Resources, Finance, Information Systems, and Facilities Management.

Committed to driving positive change, Major actively engage in professional associations such as the International Committee on Cyber Security and the Academy of Management. His extensive board affiliations and numerous formal presentations underscore my dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering collaborative networks within the realms of coaching, business, and academia.

“Major has been fantastic. He has tremendous insight which he skillfully utilizes to allow me to explore the paths to achieve a holistic blueprint for growth.”

-Marcy Heatherington