Maliik Baraka

Maliik Baraka is an HR professional with more than 17 years of experience towards his purpose of profoundly impacting people in their careers.

Maliik has led global HR operational teams, founded and chaired DEI councils, and nationally recruited for executive roles. Leading with empathy, he embraces differences to expand his perspective. He aims to amplify voices and serve as a trusted ally by focusing on raising inclusivity and equitable practices.

Before working in HR, Maliik served as an educator at the middle school, high school, and community college levels. This experience not only drove his purpose but also fueled his authentic approach to leadership. He thrives in opportunities to educate, train, coach, or mentor. Having been nurtured within marginalized communities, engaged in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and imparted knowledge within underfunded educational institutions, he has developed an unwavering determination to advocate for the needs of the underserved. 

Maliik’s coaching strength constantly evolves due to avid reading, regular therapy sessions, and recurrent connections with his coaching community. In pursuit of balance and self-care, Maliik is a BBQ enthusiast, Miami Hurricanes football fan, and music buff with an extensive collection of hip-hop and jazz.