Melanie Ryan

“I coach and consult with a focus on human growth and development so that organizations and individuals may genuinely achieve equitable, impactful, and sustaining change.”

Melanie has over twenty years of experience in leadership, culture development, building equitable teams, and facilitating individual growth.

Her background includes technology startups, Fortune 50 companies, and the nonprofit sector. She is the founder of a local nonprofit, Beck’s Place.

Throughout her diverse career, with roles spanning Finance, Strategy & Planning, Culture Development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, she has always been centered on
the growth and development of the humans within it.

Melanie is known for her ability to connect what people say to underlying root issues. In organizations, she uses these connections to empower groups of people to build equitable cultures that are impactful, genuine, and sustaining. With individuals, she uses these connections to support people in reaching their full potential.

Melanie has a passionate commitment to lifelong learning and has the following education and certifications:

  • Master of Social Work – University of Washington
  • Certified Professional Diversity Coach – Coach Diversity Institute
  • Certified Diversity and Belonging Facilitator – Veritas Culture
  • Certified Culture Assessor – Veritas Culture


“Hiring Melanie was a worthy investment in my career. The best part was that Melanie was the guide but it was me shining my own light.”