Neha Raval

Languages:  Hindi, Gujarati, Russian, and English

Neha is a dedicated advocate and strategist with expertise in women’s and girl’s activism. She has over twelve years of experience in community development and DEI, women’s rights and child protection, working with global and national nonprofit organizations, philanthropy and government. In all of her endeavors she centers intersectional equity and the dignity and rights of individuals. She currently works in Global Health and Women’s Rights and has worked with The Global Fund for Children, Frontline Solutions, and The New York Women’s Foundation. She considers it an honor and privilege to work alongside, coach, and advocate with passionate grassroots leaders from NYC to New Delhi. Neha earned a B.A. in Gender Studies from Rutgers University, M.A. in International Peace & Conflict Resolution from American University, is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and a Certified Professional Diversity Coach.

When not advocating for social change, Neha loves to explore the outdoors, travel around the world, cook recipes from said travels, and dabble in photography.

“Not only did I learn how to package my experiences, I sharpened my interview and salary negotiation skills and learned valuable tools and techniques that I know will help me throughout my career.”

— Coaching Client