Sara Guerreiro

Dance Instructor, Human Rights Advocate, and Mother of 2

Language Fluency: English, Portuguese, Creole (Guinea-Bissau)

With over two decades of dedicated experience in law, human rights, and global development across four continents, I’m committed to driving transformative change and nurturing inclusive environments.

With a Master of Science in Law and extensive legal expertise, I provide counsel to UN and global agencies, with a focus on child protection and Gender Based Violence, mainly in Guinea Bissau and Timor-Leste. I have consulted with organizations like UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR, UN Women, the World Bank Group, and OHCHR.

As a Professional Certified Coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation, my current position as a consultant and Lead Trainer at CoachDiversity Institute involves instructing, mentoring, and guiding beginner coaches to cultivate professionalism in the coaching community while enhancing representation and diversity.

Within organizational spaces, my goal is to promote inclusive leadership and cultivate positive, respectful work environments. I offer personalized 1:1 executive coaching services to international companies and conduct workshops on workplace diversity and harassment prevention in Portugal.

My career started in Portugal, specifically within the Portuguese Navy, where I acquired crucial skills in time management and leadership. Practicing as a private lawyer and collaborating with the Portuguese government expanded my work experience. Living and working across 4 countries and speaking several languages broadened my intercultural competencies, further fueling my passion for advocating inclusion and human rights.