Shawna Gann

Dr. Shawna Gann effectively blends her expertise in business psychology and education to
deliver coaching and other DEI experiences that help organizations and individuals level up their
practices to cultivate inclusive workspaces. As a certified Everything DiSC Partner and
Facilitator, Dr. Gann may recommend assessments to provide a springboard from which to
explore leadership styles and approaches to work and interpersonal exchanges. The process also
includes using a variety of coaching tools all designed to facilitate self-reflection and
professional growth through goal setting, planning, and support with implementation.

Dr. Gann’s professional experiences have led her to immerse herself in global and social culture,
which grants her a wide and fresh perspective and the ability to think broadly. Her time living
and working in Italy, Germany, The Czech Republic, and South Korea has augmented her work
as an effective and impactful coach, consultant, business psychologist, educator, and speaker.
Working to advance equity and inclusion in organizations by helping others celebrate diversity
and embrace their authentic selves has been a life-long passion for her.

Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Dr. Gann now resides in the Washington DC Metro Area. She
enjoys all things music, including dance and karaoke. When she isn't working, researching, or
doing something musical, she is spending time with her family, which includes their beloved fur
babies: three whippets named Elsy, Fable, and Nova.