Stefanie Serrato

Stefanie is a bilingual certified diversity coach, consultant, and speaker. She  specializes in culturally relevant early childhood education with the vision that all  children enjoy an enriching, safe, and empowering education that embraces diversity and promotes cultural intelligence. This vision led her to establish TeachFair. 

Stefanie’s coaching practice is informed by 20 years of international business and  personal experience as well as her commitment to guiding her clients to create inclusive  environments with impact and confidence. Stefanie’s dedication to equity and justice  drives her own ongoing training in DEIB, critical whiteness, anti-racism, and  anti-bias  education. Her core values are compassion, responsibility and positive attitude.

Stefanie obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management after studying and  working in Germany, Denmark, and France. Before entering the education sector,  Stefanie was an event marketing consultant in the global fresh fruit industry for a  decade, collaborating with diverse teams and leadership styles across Asia, the  Americas, and Europe. During this time, she recognized that to cultivate robust  relationships in today’s interconnected global landscape, future generations must be  equipped with the ability to acknowledge and appreciate diverse perspectives. 

Since raising her bilingual, multicultural children in two countries, Stefanie recognizes  the impact that educators have on children’s understanding  about differences. She is committed to supporting  teachers through diversity coaching and equipping them for  culturally sensitive education. She works with educational institutions and individuals in English and German, believing in the transformational power of coaching to enhance teaching practices that improve student’s experience and outcome.