Wanda Erinle

Wanda Scott Erinle is the Founder and CEO of WE, LLC Consulting Solutions, a Learning and Development consulting company specializing in Learning Strategy, Instructional Design, Coaching, Training and DEIB Facilitation. 

Wanda brings deep expertise from her 25-year career navigating diverse environments that demanded immediate and critical resolution visible from the C-Suite to the everyday worker.  Her ability to communicate technical issues led her from the executive suite to the college classroom. Wanda spent seven years as an adjunct & fulltime College Professor at a state institution, adding to her advising and education repertoire. Wanda’s experiences give her key insights into the unique challenges that managers and leaders face and informs her coaching, facilitation and leadership development work today. 

Wanda thrives because of her passion for coaching through emotional intelligence, mental agility and inclusive mindsets.  Wanda is an attentive and intuitive coach who works with professionals to help call out their strengths, bring balance to their head and heart, and increase accountability through intentional actions. Wanda’s clients include entrepreneurs, executives, and people of color navigating corporate America. She is the creator and host of the Critical Conversation series on YouTube and is a contributing writer for magazines, including Today’s Purpose magazine. She speaks across the United States on diversity at Technology conferences, in an effort to bring awareness to the journey of minorities in that space. She is inspired and fascinated by the stories from the people she encounters. Wanda also ministers in her community, and invests time and resources to assist with homelessness, food disparities, domestic violence, and youth development.

Wanda is a Certified Professional Diversity Coach, a Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0) coach, a Certified Culture Facilitator, and a Certified Diversity and Belonging Facilitator. She is a proud graduate of Hampton University and Johns Hopkins University.