Yvonne A. Unrau

Yvonne Unrau, PhD, LMSW, ACC
Dr. Yvonne Unrau has been working with growth-oriented professionals and leaders for over 25 years. It is Yvonne’s mission to support individuals to thrive through life’s challenges and opportunities. She coaches individuals to draw from their strengths and to align with their sense of purpose. She has a special commitment to support people who navigate life and career with the extra burden that can come from having lived through traumatic experiences. She coaches clients to align thoughts, emotions and actions in a way that secures self-confidence and promotes positive connection with others.

As a university educator, professional trainer, and creator of an award-winning college support program for students with foster care histories, Yvonne has a strong track record for generating meaningful change in individuals and organizations. Her coaching sessions are anchored in the client’s goals and aspirations, yet focused on navigating the client’s current challenges. 

Yvonne utilizes research supported practices in her coaching, she defers to the individual client as the expert of their own experience. Yvonne has dedicated her career efforts to understanding modes of self-inquiry that promote wellness and productive engagement in career and life. In addition to her formal education, Yvonne also holds certifications as a Professional Diversity Coach (CDI) and as an Integrative Restoration (iRest) meditation teacher.