Start A Diversity Coaching Practice

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Have you ever considered becoming a coach? Maybe you have always had a knack for helping people who need guidance, or friends and family regularly turn to you for advice. Perhaps you can see paths and possibilities that others cannot, or you are able to motivate and encourage others in ways they could not do themselves. If you have ever thought about starting a coaching practice or if you are already coaching but want to move in an exciting and meaningful direction, consider creating a diversity coaching practice with CoachDiversity Institute.

This kind of coaching is in high demand as countless organizations strive to improve diversity and inclusion in their company cultures. A diversity coach certification program could provide the knowledge, skills, training and experience you need to launch a satisfying, lucrative career. If you are building a coaching business or starting an online coaching business, diversity coaching can help you stand out from the crowd.

Diversity Coach Certification

Diversity Coach Certification training from CoachDiversity Institute can develop and enhance your coaching knowledge and ability to apply it to the corporate world. In addition to leaning about diversity and how to implement inclusive practices, you will be introduced to tools, skills and strategies to help develop your leadership skills.

CoachDiversity’s unique curriculum includes our Cultural Competency Model, which enhances your ability to lead across diverse communities. It is based on powerful, yet simple principles about how adults learn and change their behavior.

Choose the Certification Path That is Right for You 

If you want to start a coaching business, we offer two paths to diversity coaching certification. 

Path 1: Associate Diversity Coach

This approach includes 60 training hours; you will attend Session 1: Coaching Foundations, then complete the rest of the hours virtually. The curriculum includes coaching foundations, so you will be able to launch your coaching practice without any need for additional in-person classroom time. This course takes about four months to complete, and the designation can help you qualify for membership in the ICF and apply for ICF certification and credentialing through the ACC ACSTH path.

Path 2: Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC)

This program includes 125 training hours; you will attend three in-person training sessions for a total of 90 hours of in-person instruction, including:

  • Session 1: Coaching Foundations
  • Session 2: Coaching & Cultural Competencies
  • Session 3: Inclusive Leadership & Business Development

In addition to coaching foundations, the CPDC certification curriculum includes emotional intelligence work, advanced coaching techniques, cultural competence, leadership and business development and CoachDiversity’s model for diversity and inclusion. You will learn how to guide people in developing cultural competence, including recognizing cultural differences, managing conflict around issues of diversity and inclusion, and transforming unconscious biases into more inclusive thoughts and behaviors. 

This program takes about six months to complete and the designation helps you qualify for ICF membership. Plus, you can apply for ICF’s certification and credentialing through the PCC ACSTH path.

Launch Your Diversity Coaching Career With CoachDiversity Institute

When you are ready to take your coaching career to the next level, choose CoachDiversity Institute. We are the only coaching organization accredited by the International Coach Federation that focuses on using diversity as a tool to spur organizational change. Our certified coaches specialize in helping you develop innovative techniques to launch a gratifying career as a diversity coach. 

For more information about setting up a coaching business and to learn more about our programs, contact us today.