Advanced Coaching Certification

If you’re interested in diversity and inclusion education for coaching, look no further than CoachDiversity Institute. Advanced Coaching Certification includes 60 training hours. This course is a unique combination of Session 1 and 2 specifically created for professional coaches who want to coach across diverse lines. This diversity and inclusion certification curriculum includes advanced coaching techniques, deeper emotional intelligence work, CoachDiversity’s model for diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, and leadership and business development. You will learn the coach-approach to developing cultural competence as a certified diversity professional. The topics covered in this cultural diversity education program include:

  • Developing awareness of cultural difference
  • Cultivating non-judgmental attitude toward difference
  • Transforming bias toward inclusion
  • Coaching principles and cultural competency
  • Minority stress
  • Managing conflict around diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Coaching micro-aggressions

Prerequisite is completion of ANY ONE of the following:

  • ACC, PCC, or MCC ICF Credentialed Coach
  • Graduate of an ICF approved ACSTH or ACTP Program of 60 hours or greater

Graduate of a university-based coaching program

What you get:

  • 30 hours of in-person training
  • 6 virtual learning labs
  • 12 peer coaching hours
  • 10 mentor coaching hours
  • 2 hours self-study writing assignment

This diversity training certification and social change education program takes approximately 4 months to complete. This designation helps you to qualify for the ICF membership and apply for the ICF’s certification and credentialing through the ACSTH Path.

How Coaches Help Their Clients

An effective coach helps clients maximize their personal and/or professional potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity. Individuals who have partnered with coaches report increased self-confidence and self-esteem, improved communication skills, increased productivity, and enhanced individual/team performance.*

How do you become the coach who can help your clients become more creative, productive and successful? Coaching is not necessarily intuitive, nor is it simply a matter of giving advice. Coaching is driven by the client, and coaches must learn how to interact with and guide clients in the pursuit of their own solutions. 

While coaching is not currently a regulated profession, coach-specific training helps to make you an effective professional coach. Taking diversity and inclusion training courses and obtaining credentials gives you credibility in the industry, which helps you gain clients and develop your career. All ICF-approved coach training programs have gone through a rigorous review process that ensures the curriculum aligns with the ICF core competencies and code of ethics.

Core Coaching Competencies

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches, defines 11 core coaching competencies, or skills and approaches, that every competent coach should demonstrate when teaching cultural diversity.

Each level of training, or credential, requires different levels of Core Competency skills. When enrolling in a CoachDiversity Institute Program, you learn not only the core competency coaching skills, but you get a coaching education grounded in diversity and inclusion from our culture change consultants.

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