Diversity Training For Educators & Teachers

Teaching — and Reaching — Students of All Ages


It’s not only the subject matter that’s taught in classrooms that comprises education. It’s the diversity of the instructors — whether they are teachers or professors. It’s the uniqueness of the students — if they feel comfortable in the learning environment, whether they feel heard. That they matter. Creating an inclusive classroom through diversity training for educators and teachers does more than pay lip service to the importance of diversity and equality. Diversity training in school also promotes empathy while reducing prejudice, builds confidence, and strengthens relationships between faculty and students. Just as important, diversity training for educators and teachers helps prepare pupils of all ages for interacting and working with all kinds of people — now and in the future.

Diversity Training for Educators and Teachers

While some progress has been made in terms of welcoming and encouraging diversity and equality, there remains much work to be done in academic institutions of all levels. Diversity training programs for educators and teachers can help bridge that gap. CoachDiversity Institute is the only International Coach Federation-accredited organization that focuses on diversity. Our team teaches tools and techniques that help educators and administrators embrace more inclusive schools and classrooms.

Cultural diversity training for teachers and educators instructs how to interact appropriately with other staff and students — regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical traits, socioeconomic status and mental ability. Implementing and reinforcing a DEI (diversity, equality and inclusion) program throughout your school — preferably by a Certified Professional Diversity Coach — can help you create a more equitable, productive and welcoming environment. Diversity training in schools benefits administrators, teachers and students — as well as the institution.

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We specialize in diversity training for college faculty, teachers and K-12 administrators. We train your employees to become Certified Professional Diversity Coaches — enabling them to help create cultures in which all students and staff are engaged and ready to contribute.

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