Diversity And Inclusion Speakers

Engaging and Compelling Audiences

Diversity. Equality. Inclusion. These are no longer simply words, but values that nonprofit and for-profit organizations are embracing and instituting throughout the world. Yet C-level executives and human resource professionals alike know that good intentions are only starting points. To create more inclusive, diverse workforces — such as in corporate, government and educational entities — employees throughout an organization must understand the importance of these values. One of the simplest ways to communicate this is through speakers on diversity in the workplace.

Diversity and inclusion speakers bring more than new voices to your workforce. They offer unique perspectives and share not only compelling, memorable stories, but proven techniques that can help your employees think differently about differences. Bringing diversity equity and inclusion speakers can serve a variety of goals — such as raising awareness of these issues, improving your company’s culture and productivity, and enhancing respect among individuals with diverse backgrounds, among others.

Drive Organizational Change

CoachDiversity Institute is the world’s only International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coaching organization focused on diversity as a mechanism to support true organizational change. We provide speakers with extensive expertise for corporate and nonprofit events of all kinds — including diversity and inclusion keynote speakers and workshop and seminar leaders.

We can address a wide range of diversity/equality/inclusion issues and will work with you to determine your organization’s needs to select a speaker who will engage, inform and inspire your audience. Whether you are looking for college diversity speakers, corporate diversity speakers or speakers for a nonprofit, we will find the right fit for you.

Let CoachDiversity Inspire and Motivate Your Audience  

We specialize in providing diversity speakers with expertise in inclusion and equality issues. Our speakers are also certified diversity coaches who work with clients in a broad spectrum of industries to help them identify and address inclusion issues. Our experts also uncover and implement strategies that create productive and inclusive workforces where all employees contribute and are recognized for their efforts.

To learn more about CoachDiversity Institute or our roster of speakers, contact us today.