A New Landscape for Employee Resource Groups

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A New Landscape for Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups were first formed as a response to the demand for greater inclusion in the workplace. At its origins, the ERG provided support systems for people of different backgrounds to feel a sense of belonging in the workplace. In order to cultivate greater diversity and inclusion, 90% of Fortune 500 companies have established ERGs to reflect our changing global workforce.

Today, however, ERGs not only offer support and resource-sharing to their members, they play an active role in helping organizations thrive and fulfill business objectives fundamental to their success.

To stay ahead of the curve, here are 4 ways to leverage your ERG:

Invite ERG members to actively participate in your recruitment strategy.  

At Bloomberg, ERG members have been a big force in their recruitment strategy by leading recruitment events focused on veterans, women, LGBT individuals and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Create diverse interview panels with ERG members.

Inviting minority employees in your ERGs to join in the interview process demonstrates an openness to different views and lowering bias in the hiring process. Intel, for example, implemented a interview process in 2014 that required that all interview committees to involve at least two women or two other minority members. Since then, Intel has had an increase of 13.2% increase in their diversity talent.

Invite ERG members to participate in marketing campaigns aimed at reaching their communities.

By utilizing the background, skills, and diverse opinions of people from differing backgrounds, companies can better serve their diverse customers, while at the same time communicating to employees that their communities matter. In 2015, for example, AT&T’s Asian-Indian ERG made recommendations to improve marketing messages aimed at reaching their communities. These recommendations were implemented and grew their market share in the division.

Leverage ERGs to cultivate engagement and develop talent in your workforce.

Leaders at companies, such as CISCO, are leveraging their ERGs to drive employee engagement and grow a diverse talent pool to support the success of their business. Research continues to demonstrate the link between high employee engagement and productivity.

Companies are successfully using their ERGs to provide education and training to develop talent, and to ensure access to leadership opportunities across their diverse workforces.

To stay ahead of the curve, forward-thinking organizations are leveraging their diverse talent in new and unique ways. CoachDiversity Institute works with forward-thinking corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities who are ready to enrich their organization and work toward a future of success. Contact us today to learn more.