Coaching: An Overlooked Leadership Skill

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Coaching: An Overlooked Leadership Skill

It’s possible you’ve heard of the nine skills that make every hiring manager happy. These are the transferable skills; the ones that you can take with you and apply to really any job. These include critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, creativity, written communication, coding, time management, data management, and customer service. There’s a related link that isn’t included on this list of nine, but is still a very important sub-skill to leadership – and that skill is coaching. Being able to manage a group of people is great, but being able to motivate them is even better. As a leader, you want to do more than just supervise, and adding coaching to your list of job skills offers a myriad of benefits:

  • The obvious one, of course, is that it makes you more likely to get hired – especially in a leadership position. Someone who can be trusted to keep their employees going and to not become complacent is very valuable to a company.
  • Even in a non-management position, being able to motivate employees toward your company’s goals through coaching can have lasting positive effects. When employees feel like part of a team that’s working toward a common result, they’re more likely to stay and to be productive. Low turnover and high productivity greatly contribute to a company’s success.
  • Knowing how to coach others also helps you develop both personally and professionally. By coaching and helping people get the best out of themselves, you’ll want to do the same for yourself too. Coaching others and finding out how they best perform will help increase your self-awareness and only continue to improve your leadership skills.
Are you ready to discover the benefits of having the coaching skill firsthand? Whether you’re new to coaching, or even if you’re already coaching but not professional certified, The CoachDiversity Institute is for you. By incorporating coaching skills into your practice, you’ll be able to motivate your employees to do their very best. The CoachDiversity Institute arms you with the tools you need to develop this sub-skill that’s an important part of every leader. Call us at 202.630.1832 or email us at to learn more.