Creating an Efficient Workplace Through Thoughtful Exclusion

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Creating an Efficient Workplace Through Thoughtful Exclusion

We all know how important diversity and inclusion are when it comes to employee satisfaction and business success. Evolving technology, immigration and an ever-changing cultural landscape, create a complex corporate environment that demands diversity of thinking among our leaders. But what happens when managers become too inclusive when assigning projects and roles in the workplace?

The NeuroLeadership Institute calls this ‘over-inclusion’, in turn causing employees to become ‘burnt-out’, over extended and under-productive. The solution to over-inclusion is thoughtfully excluding people from tasks in a way that increases diversity. Communicating with your employees and being transparent about expectations can help ensure everyone is on the same page. So, how can you as a leader thoughtfully exclude for a more efficient workplace? Identifying skills of all your team members and understanding the task at hand, can benefit you long-term by ensuring the right people are involved in projects, meetings and email threads.

Appropriately assigning responsibilities can help ensure that there won’t be repeated efforts, creates accountability and keeps team members focused. Being transparent and keeping an open form of communication addresses the employee’s need to feel that they are invested in and that they are valued. When beginning a project, specify who is involved, how they are to execute their task and to what degree, along with those who aren’t assigned to the task and why.

Having that discussion with your team members will ensure your expectations for each person’s role align with theirs. The outcome of thoughtful exclusion and transparency is that employees will know where you stand, they will know their value and will lead a more efficient workplace. Employees who were once included in unnecessary email threads, meetings and projects will now be free to invest their time and energy in tasks that require their effort, in turn creating value for your company.  

Are you ready to discuss how you can maintain diversity in your workplace through thoughtful exclusion? CoachDiversity Institute works with forward-thinking corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities who are ready to challenge how diversity training has been implemented in the past. Contact us today to learn more.