Ensuring a Diverse Workplace Through Hiring Practices

Ensuring a Diverse Workplace Through Hiring Practices

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace directly correlate to the profitability of a company. Due to this direct correlation, more and more companies are working to improve diversity and inclusion efforts when it comes to hiring practices. Things like employee background, race, gender, age, and religion play an important part in the makeup of your employees. Check out these tips to help improve your hiring, keep bias out of the process and improve your overall work environment.

Make a commitment to change.

First and foremost, making the commitment to improving your hiring practices needs to be done. Proving that you are dedicated to making an inclusive work environment is very important, even if it is not a match for all of your current employees. Think about the greater good of your business and set measurable goals for your policies and practices so it seems like something that is attainable and not just an idea floating around in the air.

Recognize bias in your hiring practices and fix it.

While you might be biased toward hiring someone similar to you and with a similar background, this does nothing for the diversity of your business. Being completely keyed into hiring practices and ensuring that biases are not creeping in is crucial. Having an HR department that understands the importance of inclusion can certainly help but is of course not always the case. Things like blind recruitment software can help to eliminate some of the biases out of the mix.

Analyze the reflection of your brand.
It’s one thing to pay attention to your hiring practices, but another to look at your brand as a whole. Is your brand an inclusive one? Is it something that invites a diverse group of people in the mix? Take a look at your online presence and what is says about your company. By openly expressing your desire to be inclusive and diverse, your company will automatically attract those who meet that mark.

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