Hire for diversity and inclusion with these interview questions

Hire for diversity and inclusion with these interview questions

Employees, management teams, and executives should all be held accountable for promoting a healthy workplace culture and diversity and inclusion. That’s why it’s crucial for a company to bring in talent that aligns with their workplace culture and values.

As the interviewer, it’s important to ask the interviewee questions that will reflect your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. The right questions will give the applicant insight to your company values just as much as their answers will give insight into their character.

  1. What personal values are most important to you?
  2. Describe what you consider an ideal work culture.
  3. Describe your understanding of diversity and inclusion and how it’s related to this position.

These questions may seem basic, but they can speak volumes. Their answers will highlight cultural beliefs and differences, and at the core, give you a better idea of your applicant’s overall motivation and goals. This can help you determine whether their values sync up with the company’s and if they would be a long-term asset. Keep in mind, what they didn’t say can be just as telling as what they did.

A diverse work community is beneficial for many reasons including increased profits, new and various viewpoints, less employee turnover, and a wider range of skills brought to the table. It’s important to make sure your team, not just those in management roles, help to cultivate a supportive atmosphere.

  1. What are ways you feel included in your work community?
  2. Describe your experience with diversity and inclusion in past workplaces. How have you strived to make others feel included in your day-to-day activities?

Organizations that encourage inclusion strategies have happier employees and less employee turnover, increasing their profits overall. Ask your interviewee ways he or she likes to be included in the work community, and what ideas they have to improve overall office inclusiveness and morale. In their answers, did they talk about inclusion in just their work projects, or did they mention team lunches, company events, and coffee breaks as well?

You’ll want to be sure that the candidate understands how diversity plays a role in their position at work. Their communication between team members or customers may be affected by diversity, like in customer service roles for example.

  1. Describe an example in your previous work experience where you have worked with diverse populations or communities?
  2. Describe a situation where you helped resolve an issue or conflict related to diversity and inclusion.

Teams that comprise of people who are mindful, open-minded, and who are thoughtful communicators are naturally more inclusive and promote a happier, calmer workplace. These last questions will allow your candidate to showcase their skills working across difference.

An interview is a chance for a potential employee or client to get to know you and your company, so be prepared to answer questions as well. The quality of the questions you’re asked is a great indicator of someone’s priorities, involvement, and future goals. A candidate should be prepared by expressing their own understanding of diversity and what your company values are in alignment with that. This helps to promote a working relationship that has comfortable communication and a sense of community.

Be mindful to express authenticity and use language that attracts a variety of backgrounds and talents. Look for applicants that have experience or education that has helped them to develop their diversity skills such as training, studying abroad, or studying a second language.

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