Open Letter from CoachDiversity Institute Post-Charlottesville, VA

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Open Letter from CoachDiversity Institute Post-Charlottesville, VA

Dear CoachDiversity Friends, Alumni, and Students,

Despite emboldened hate movements, we are neither fearful nor angry.

Given emboldened white supremacy movements, hatred, and violence in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend, we could not stay silent. Conflict and protests have already started in other cities and areas throughout the country regarding other Confederate monuments. We have known that this latent hate has existed in our nation, given our history. Today’s current atmosphere is awakening the hatred and emboldening its voice, and we have expected this. At CoachDiversity Institute, we are neither fearful nor angry. We have always believed that today’s unique atmosphere provides us with an incredible context and opportunity to do our best and deepest transformative work.

CoachDiversity is more committed than ever to transform the work of diversity and inclusion.

Today more than ever, CoachDiversity remains fully committed to providing new skills and transformative capabilities to people of all stripes who are interested in learning how to diffuse and transform hate, disconnection, violence, and separation. We believe more than ever that the coach-approach and coaching foundations are critical to moving beyond preaching to the choir, and truly transcending lines of difference. What drives our work are our core values of openness, emotional transformation, deep listening, self-awareness and personal development, non-judgment, vision, intentional action, connection, community, and of course, diversity and inclusion.

After training three cohorts of tremendous talent, we can’t be more proud of the impact that we are having in our nation and are infused with hope of future impact to come. Our alumni engage in deeply transformative work throughout every region of our nation, and in diverse sectors including:

  • impact / systems consulting
  • K-12 education
  • higher education
  • federal government service
  • military service
  • the corporate sector
  • international development work
  • foundation work
  • the non-profit and social services sectors
  • innovation and technology
Together, we can be more powerful than ever.

Remember, there is always work to be done. When you feel overwhelmed or upset about the divisions and hate in our nation, give yourself permission to feel, and room to breathe. One person is never responsible for the whole story. You do not bear the entire burden. Never forget that we each have a part to play in the healing of our nation. We cannot be responsible for it all; instead, together, present and powerful, we can be more impactful than ever. Our nation, just like any individual, has an arch line of history, its own heroine’s journey. What role do you have to play in her story?

Partner with us. Share your work and your hope with us.

Please comment here, or reach out to us if you want to express your thoughts about Charlottesville. Reach out to us if you would like to partner with CoachDiversity on the transformative work that we are doing. Share with us the work that you are doing so that we may share it with others; together, we can shine a light in the darkness. Come join us in our classrooms, or send people our way when you meet amazing talent who are open to powerful new skills.

Our promise to you

Our promise to you is that we will keep on and continue to push the envelope in our training and our work. Our promise to you is that we will always be a willing partner and supporter of yours to accomplish the transformative work of your lifetime.

To healing and deep transformation for our nation and beyond,

Dr. Towanna Burrous & Gloria S. Chan