Diversity Competencies

Achieve Cultural Competence in Your Organization

Diversity has never been more important — nor more emphasized — than it is today. However, it might seem an overwhelming topic for many businesses to grasp. Understanding the different diversity competencies, or aspects of diversity that companies should embrace, is the first step toward creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Those diversity and inclusion competencies might include:

  • Appreciating the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Understanding the laws that prohibit employment discrimination, harassment and other illegal behavior
  • Recruiting, training, engaging and retaining diverse employees
  • Offering diversity training that teaches employees how to communicate and work with diverse employees
  • Initiating and encouraging conversations about diversity and maintaining a consistent message about inclusion throughout the organization
  • Establishing internal groups to ensure that diversity standards are met
  • Eliminating stereotypes associated with employees who have non-visible and visible disabilities and implementing policies that make it easier for employees to request and receive accommodations
  • Promoting practices that address the gendered compensation gap and improve the inclusion of women in the workplace
  • Encouraging among management and other employees the understanding of generational differences in people’s approach to work
  • Supporting the hiring and retention of veterans
  • Sharing information about different cultures, nationalities, religions and other complex subjects to enhance acceptance among employees
  • Creating workplaces that are LGBTQ+ inclusive and enforcing policies that prevent discrimination and harassment
  • Evaluating the success of diversity and inclusion efforts and using those results to set goals for the future

Today’s organizations must embrace diversity competencies in the workplace in order to reach maximum efficiency and fairness. Luckily, CoachDiversity Institute can help your company not only understand the intricacies of cultural competence in business but apply them throughout the office. Our goal is to improve professional interactions among people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, promote teambuilding and build a more engaged, resilient workforce.

CoachDiversity Institute offers diversity programs such as:

  • Foundational Coach Training: This service lets you practice your coaching skills while addressing issues regarding diversity and inclusion.
  • Diversity Coach Certification: Our unique Cultural Competency Model gives you the skills to coach diverse communities.
  • Executive Certification: This program helps you empower diverse communities, create inclusive leadership competencies, and communicate your thought leadership through coaching skills.


CoachDiversity Institute: Helping Your Company Develop Cultural Competence

Why choose CoachDiversity Institute to develop your company’s diversity and cultural competence? We are the only coaching organization accredited by the International Coach Federation that focuses on using diversity to spur lasting change. Our certified coaches specialize in developing and teaching innovative techniques that can help businesses think differently and embrace people from various skill levels and backgrounds. 

Most people are aware of the need for and benefits of diversity in the workplace, yet many companies have gaps between intention and practice. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training from CoachDiversity Institute can help address and correct bias and prejudice in the office. The program focuses on teaching employees and managers how to interact respectfully with everyone they encounter — regardless of gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental ability, physical traits or socioeconomic status. Contact us today to learn how our programs and courses could help you develop cultural competency at work.