Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Implicit Bias in the Workplace

It’s a matter of fact that we all bring our own implicit biases into the workplace. Everyone has thoughts and judgments deeply ingrained into their minds that they don’t even notice. These thoughts can often have the best intentions, but could ultimately end up discriminating. This is something you can’t afford to ignore at work. It can affect your culture, recruiting and retention – ultimately impacting the success of your business. Here are some ways you can address implicit bias in the workplace and avoid discrimination.

Use a professional hiring agency.

If you can use a professional agency to hire your employees you should. They typically understand the importance of inclusion and focus on bringing you a diverse group of candidates. Any kind of discrimination in the hiring process will put a company in major trouble, so it’s very important to go through this process properly. If using an outside agency is not an option for your business, make sure that you have multiple people involved in interviewing and are using structured questions for each candidate to give everyone a fair chance.

Consider having your employees complete implicit bias training.

You probably heard about the recent incident at a Philadelphia Starbucks that brought forth accusations of racial bias against the company. The CEO of Starbucks has announced that they will close 8,000 of its locations to hold implicit bias training for his top managers. Holding this type of training for your employees is not a bad idea. Getting them thinking about the implicit biases they may be bringing to the workplace and how they might be impacting the company is very important. We can’t change these biases if we don’t become aware of them, and holding a training session is a great first step toward recognizing our actions and how they influence everyone with whom we work.

Create an accountability program.

The issue with these implicit biases is that it’s very easy to fall back into them if we don’t continuously hold ourselves accountable. Create an accountability program for your employees so the topic of inclusion is always at the forefront of their mind. Work with a coach to help you work through the biases. Organizations hire CoachDiversity to provide a bench of qualified coaches who understands the challenge of a global workforce and the need to be more inclusive in the workplace.

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