Which Coach Training Program is Right for You?

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Which Coach Training Program is Right for You?

If you’ve ever been interested in coach training, CoachDiversity Institute can help you prepare for a meaningful and successful career in diversity coaching.  CoachDiversity’s certification program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is the world’s only establishment that combines the transformational power of coaching with diversity and leadership training. Through our training programs, we deliver sophisticated, interactive instruction to help you make organizational and social change from the inside out.  No matter what learning path you choose, you’ll be mentored by the leading practitioners and experts in diversity and inclusion and workplace transformation.

Weekend 1: Be The Change Weekend

Our transformative Be The Change Weekend will teach you the foundation of skills you’ll need to start your coaching career right away. It is comprised of 30 training hours which are completed over the course of one weekend.  The curriculum includes coaching foundations that emphasize issues of diversity, inclusion, power, and privilege, enabling you to begin your coaching practice with the solid groundwork of core coaching competencies. However, please note that this is not a certification path. All students must attend the first weekend. After completing Weekend 1, you’ll have the choice to continue your education and gain certification through two additional coaching options.

Associate Diversity Coach Training

Our first certification option is to become an Associate Diversity Coach (ADC). Through this learning track, you will deepen your understanding of the coaching core competencies as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF), practice with your peers, and receive direct mentorship from our team of instructors.  This ICF-accredited course is 60 training hours divided between one-weekend intensive, online classes, and practicum hours.

Certified Professional Diversity Coach

While our first two options are a wonderful way to get your feet wet in a career in coaching, we strongly recommend serious candidates take our Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC) training program. This ICF-accredited certification course is 125 training hours, consisting of three in-person training weekends as well as virtual work. As a Certified Professional Diversity Coach, you will learn all the coaching fundamentals and skills through six virtual labs, peer coaching, mentor coaching, a creative project, and a paper requirement. The CPDC level curriculum includes coaching foundations, advanced coaching techniques, deeper emotional intelligence work, CoachDiversity’s model for diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, and leadership and business development.  By the end of this advanced training, you’ll have developed your unique style as a subject matter expert and thought leader who is able to transform organizations and communities with the unique skill-set of coaching. CoachDiversity Institute is the world’s only coaching organization, accredited by the International Coach Federation, focused on diversity and inclusion as a mechanism to support true organizational change. Photo: #WOCinTech